We aim to ensure that all the information we provide is accurate. However, we do not accept responsibility for any errors, omissions or inaccuracies, or for any adverse consequences of any kind arising from the use of content that we supply on the website, at meetings or in correspondence. All our advice is generic in nature and we are unable to provide personalised guidance. For specific advice relevant to your situation and diagnosis please see the clinician responsible for your care, a social services representative, or your GP.  Medical decisions should be taken in discussion with an appropriate healthcare professional.

Rare Dementia Support is a fund held by The National Brain Appeal, registered charity number: 290173

Regional Groups

Our regional group facilitators are volunteers. They may refer to regional facilitator guidelines from RDS but they are not governed by RDS. They work independently and with the best intentions. In working with them and the regional groups they facilitate you must assume full responsibility for your contact and engagement.