Planning for the future and identifying ways to support independence are important factors in living with a chronic condition. Living with the risk of developing Familial Alzheimer’s disease [FAD], or indeed living with the diagnosis will have an impact on most areas of your life. Many people find it beneficial to think about the future and about different issues and situations that might change due to a diagnosis of FAD.

Future planning will allow you and your family to have time to consider what is important for you, how you would like situations to be managed and who you would like to speak for you in case you will not be able to do so yourself. Everyone’s circumstances are different but most people benefit from considering the issues listed below. You may choose to take action on some of them but not on others, and perhaps revisit them later on. It is good to involve all those close to you in discussions about the future.

People living with long term conditions such as FAD will often see many different health care and other professionals in different settings. It is helpful to keep information about all the services and people involved in your care easily accessible. The needs of the person affected and their family change over time, as does the need for information and support. It is useful to have a record of what has been discussed, what information you have been given and what support you have. This will make it easier to stay in control over the management of your care and support.