13th May 2017 - Joint fFTD and FAD Support Group Meeting
Dr Catherine Mummery, Consultant Neurologist, Dementia Research Centre, spoke about Current Trials in Familial Dementia, Prof Nick Fox, Director of the Dementia Research Centre, led a facilitated discussion on Trial Designs, Prof Sebastian Crutch, Director, Created Out of Mind project, spoke about the Created Out of Mind project: Shaping Perceptions of Dementia Through Art and Science. In the afternoon, members joined the relevant group for a dementia-specific discussion session.

7th July 2016 - Joint Support Group Meeting
Speakers at this meeting included: Rosemary Milns and Robert Wright, London based solicitors and spoke about the legal issues pertaining to Powers of Attorney/Court of Protection and Dr Sebastian Crutch, spoke about ‘cognition in dementia’, and some of the ways in which the diagnoses we face affect this.

18th November 2015
We held a rare dementia carers meeting where Dr Liz Sampson, a Senior Clinical Lecturer at the Marie Curie Palliative Care Research Department, Division of Psychiatry, University College London joined us to share her expert knowledge and facilitated a discussion on palliative and end of life care in dementia.

25th April, 2015
Speakers included Alastair Kent, Phil Cleverley, Tammaryn Lashley and Adrian Isaacs.