Treatment and Support

bvFTD Treatment

Unfortunately, there are no medications presently available which can treat the disorder or slow its progression. Treatment therefore focuses on helping people to manage their symptoms, including the behavioural symptoms and treating problems such as mood changes that may contribute to the difficulties that people experience. Medication for behavioural symptoms and mood changes may be needed as the disease progresses.

bvFTD Prognosis

Behavioural and personality problems deteriorate over time and other aspects of thinking may become affected. There is wide variation in the tempo of the disease between individuals, and some people have a slower form of bvFTD that progresses over a number of years (in some cases over ten). However, in the majority of patients behavioural problems continue to progress such that by around two to five years after the onset of symptoms people generally have problems carrying out their normal activities (particularly where these involve interactions with other people, such as working and driving) and will need extra care and support.