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Here you can listen to recordings from a number of our support group meetings. Thank you to the members of the support group who helped make this possible.

Monday 6th February 2017 – Joint Carer’s Support Group Meeting

Sara Wilcox, CEO from Pathways Through Dementia, presented at this meeting. Topics which were covered during this meeting included: Paying for Care, the role of the Court of Protection – Lasting Powers of Attorney and Deputyship, Welfare Benefits and relevant community care laws such as the Mental Capacity Act, and the Care Act

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Thursday 3rd December 2015 - PPA Support Group Meeting 

We welcomed Chris Hardy, who spoke about speech processing in PPA, and Dr Sharon Savage, who discussed word retraining programmes to help people with Semantic Dementia, in our full PPA support group meeting in December.


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Wednesday 18th November 2015 - Joint Carers Group Meeting

We held a Joint Carers' Meeting where Dr Liz Sampson who is a Senior Clinical Lecturer at the Marie Curie Palliative Care Research Department, Division of Psychiatry, University College London joined us to share her expert knowledge on palliative and end of life care in dementia.

Thursday 16th July 2015 - PPA Support Group Meeting 

We welcomed Dr Charlie Marshall, Clinical Research Fellow at the Dementia Research Centre, who presented about his current research into FTD.

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Thursday 26th February 2015 - Joint Carers Support Group Meeting

We welcomed Dr Eneida Mioshi: Department of Psychiatry, University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine, who spoke about coping strategies for carers. [Part 1]

 Angela Sherman spoke about Continuing Health Care (CHC) funding applications. You can find out more about the organisation she directs at (opens website). [Part 2]

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Thursday 9th October 2014 - PPA Support Group Meeting

We were delighted to have Anna Voulkmer, a Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, join us to talk about her latest project.

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Thursday 5th June 2014 - PPA Support Group Meeting 

Luke de Visser, a speech and language therapist, gave a talk on communication strategies to use with people with PPA.

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